The Centre of Attention

Fact: The Earth is at the centre of the universe. Remember when the church argued that the Earth was the centre of the universe? Turns out, if you look at the physics in a certain way its hard to argue with them. The universe is constantly expanding, so galaxies are constantly getting further and further apart….

We Are Not Alone

Fact: The aliens should have been in touch by now. There is absolutely no convincing evidence of intelligent – or indeed any – life on other planets to date. However, taking into account the huge size and age of the universe it is also extremely unlikely that we are the only life-forms in the universe….

Totally Nutty

Fact: It takes a gallon of water to grow a single almond. You might be basking in your eco-warrior glory every morning as you pour almond milk instead of cows’ milk on your cereal, but it turns out that almonds also have a lot to answer for. Almonds grow best in hot, Mediterranean climates –…

Totally Eclipsed

Fact: Solar eclipses are a complete coincidence.  If you have ever seen a total solar eclipse, you know just how beautiful it is. But it turns out that the perfect match-up between sun and moon that makes it possible is simply the biggest coincidence in the world. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon…