This blog is mainly for fun, and to get those without a science background to realise that science can be something highly engaging and, at times, utterly amazing.

If there’s a burning desire to know the science behind something you’ve heard, or if you have a fact you think would blow people away, let me know and I’ll explore it for you!

The enigmatic ‘Mr Shaunak’ is Aran Shaunak, BSc Natural Sciences from Cambridge, MSc Science Communication at Imperial and general science enthusiast. View my portfolio here.

Check out my profile on new blogging site MyTrendingStories.

Reach me at aran.s.d.shaunak@gmail.com, @BitesOfScience // @AranShaunak, or find me on LinkedIn.


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  1. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by ItsNotWhatItsWhy.

    Please follow this link to find out more about the award: https://itsnotwhatitswhy.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/versatile-blogger-award-thank-you-dear-kitty/


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